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Avoid/Fix STUFFY and RUNNY Nose for Xmas with selected BREAKFAST foods:

You will receive the photo of the basket and a list of foods which can help you with the stuffy and runny nose. It’s highly recommended to consume healthy meals on a daily basis, not just when feeling sick.

A complete guide about
How easy you can catch a common cold and how to avoid/cure it fast?



She had a two-day photo gig for one of the fashion brands yesterday and earlier today and for that reason lack of good sleep, regular and healthy meals (just a slice of pizza) and dealing with lots of different people. And while setting next meeting up, Zuzka agreed to film this part of the day when she felt strange with low energy because she started to catch a cold.

What happened: Zuzka had a long photo shoot, took a subway and a tram to get to the meeting, holding the handrails, and exchanging money with a checkout guy while shopping for a bottle of water, with lots of kids and other people coughing, sneezing and touching many things… spreading germs therefore she ended up losing her next gig and $3500.

Did you know…

That around 80% of the illnesses and discomforts related to health in the body originate from the immune system? So fixing your immune system will make your body fight viruses and bacteria much more efficiently.
It will fight viruses to avoid a common cold and flu, bacteria in foods to avoid digestive problems and fight other illnesses (for example certain cancers*), it will make your body use foods as energy so your body will burn body fat more efficiently, it will also boost your energy, improve your sex drive, and others.
Simply by making a few changes in your daily meals to get nutrients you most likely don’t get.

* We’re not suggesting our advice will prevent or cure cancer, we’re saying that improving the immune system can fight the bad cells more efficiently. For example – Immunotherapy – boosting the immune system – is used to fight certain cancers. We’re certain you don’t want to wait that long to get immunotherapy, when it might be too late, you can start fixing your immune system now.

Don’t have time now and you don’t care?

No worries, you can wait for a wake up call, your body will take time on its own and when you least expect it, then will be nothing you could do about it. It has already surprised so many people, people you know.

The reverse study:

The summary: People following the guidelines and feeling well and full of energy stopped eating bell peppers, onion, garlic and other recommended foods while not having a proper sleep, having another vegetables and foods in the daily menus and meeting people in the public places, office and at the party with kids and it took 8 days on average to get sick, which suggests (or proves) that our advice is on-target.

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About a common cold

for individuals

What is a cold?

  • First of all, a runny nose, scratchy/sore throat, sneezing and low energy are common symptoms for a cold.
  • A cold is a viral infection therefore antibiotics don’t help.
    There are over 200 types of viruses, most common rhino-virus is responsible for half of the cases, and due to the large number of them, there is no cure available.
  • A cold has nothing to do with a low temperature and cold environment.
  • You get a virus from other infected people transmitting the virus by:
    – Inhaling infected droplets from coughing and sneezing
      and/or also by
    – Physical contact such as using the same computer
      keyboard/mouse, doorknob, spoon and others
  • The most common places to get infected are small closed, crowded public spaces such as bus, subway, airplane (public transportation), a small room, office, bedroom,… and certainly home from the kids 🙂

How long does it last?

It takes 7-10 days to recover from a cold. People can have up to 12 colds per year, mostly children, while adults get 2-4 colds per year.

How does a cold work?

When a virus reaches your nose or throat, your body activates your immune system to protect you from getting sick by deploying white blood cells to fight the virus but because most people don’t have an immune system strong enough, the fight fails and the body reacts again with reinforcements and get nose and throat inflamed to make lots of mucus which takes a lot of energy and water from the body.

Most common season?

End of the Summer (August/September) when it all starts and progresses into the winter time (November–April) when is a high season of a cold and people get sick even more.

How can it be cured?

There is no cure, you can use over-the-counter medications, but it’s not recommended as they don’t cure anything, they just provide a relief to feel a bit better, therefore, please note, antibiotics don’t cure viruses (a cold) but bacteria.

Studies and Researches

Studies and researches conducted

How to avoid getting a cold?

It’s well known if you don’t sleep well, your body doesn’t recover enough which means your body doesn’t have enough energy to fight the virus. As a result you can get a cold 50% quicker according to the studies.

As the body will lose lots of water due to a runny nose and sweating, you will want to hydrate your body to help your body fight the virus.

Studies have also shown that people who exercise regularly have half less chance of getting a cold. So here is another tip how to boost your immunity with a simple and short workout strategy to boost your white blood cells and avoid getting a cold.

Furthermore you’ll get a 8 min full body workout bonus as well. It’s suitable for beginners and also as a warm-up for more experienced enthusiasts. The video includes also warm-up techniques to avoid an injury during the workout.

If your body doesn’t have enough vitamins, minerals, energy and other nutrients, it certainly can’t fight the virus.

Vegetables, Fruits, Supplements and other foods used in the study:



Increases physical strength by 20%, reduces fatigue by 45% and stress by 15%

It’s newly added, it was used in the study and now we have scientific facts to include also this powerful product to our list of foods.


Providing vitamins and minerals



Cooked or raw (fresh)

Garlic and onion

Onion and Garlic


Raw (fresh) Broccoli




Raw (fresh) Spinach
Cooked or raw (fresh)

Fresh Vegetable

Of course, you can also use other veggies

First of all, peel onion, garlic and chop all vegetable to small pieces, then put all in the pan and stir all over the medium flame/temperature, add a little of olive oil and cook for a few minutes to remove all bacteria but not too long to keep most of the nutrients and add spices to taste.

Tomato and Spinach: Both provide great benefits when cooked and raw (fresh).

Frozen chopped spinach

Frozen Spinach

Frozen broccoli

Frozen Broccoli

Additional Highly Recommended Food

Fixing xxx issues to boost your immune system


Providing vitamins and minerals








It’s highly recommended

Additional Support and SPEED UP Recovery with


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Some content is not available for free, because we have invested a lot of time, energy and money for the researches and studies, and we want to share the findings how to improve and boost your immune system with you to get and stay healthy.

So, if you find this page useful and want to learn what exactly makes a difference when it comes to viruses and becoming resistant to all the attacks and avoid getting sick, please support us and you’ll get that secrets which will make your health much stronger and your life much happier.

You need only one access to unlock all the restricted content.
Don’t forget: Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals in REAL FOOD are certainly a much better choice than artificial ones in powders and pills.


1- Daily simple exercise video [week 2-4]
2- A 8 min Full Body Workout video to boost your immune system [new]
Suitable for beginners and includes warm-up techniques to avoid injuries.
3- Video from Harvard Medical School

You can learn if over-the-counter products work and see if our advice is correct.

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Sick for 10 days?? Losing thousands of dollars...

I work as a freelancer for years now and certainly  I cannot afford to get sick, not even for a day. Every time I get a cold it takes at least 7 days to get back on track and another few days to recover. Are you nut: 10 days?? I’m losing thousands of dollars every time because I get sick

One day I said, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! and I’ve dug myself into researches and studies and when I finally got it, it’s been tested for two (2) winters (including two falls and springs) before I promoted the solution. The only time it got me was when I could avoid getting sick from the bus and subway, but hanging out with kids at one of the birthday parties, there were like 10 kids with viruses hanging on me and as a result boom the viruses won the battle. But because of all the knowledge, I fixed it in 24 hours, the 3rd day I was fully recovered 🙂


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