at the beginning.

Have you signed up for some ‘magical’ meals plan and workout program and it’s not working as you would’ve wanted?
There is a good reason WHY.
The fact is that estimated 2/3 of people are not healthy and therefore meals plan from fit people can’t work, because they are made just for look not fat loss, which requires healthy body.

How we make a healthy lunch ready:

Results after 8 weeks (you can see long sleeve t-shirt getting bigger & bigger):

Sources of the researches and studies:

The problems with the


They've told you to count calories

NOT TRUE, the truth is, you don't need to count calories but we count (not cut) CARBS and SUGAR

Meals Plans are mostly created by people who never had problems with obesity and losing fat

And therefore their meals plans are created to build muscles and burn only few per cent of the body fat, not 20% and more, as we want to.

They are not created for your health benefits

They are created for a good look in the summer and not to avoid illnesses such as cold, diabetes type II, heart attack and cancer.

They promote that 70-80% of results are made in the kitchen

NOT TRUE and they all know QUALITY SLEEP is as much important as meals and exercises.



Why are they ignoring another very important fact?

1 %

Eating healthy food in proper portions at the right time is the biggest key to success.
Meals Plan Strategy »

1 %

If you want to burn body fat and improve your health you’ll have to do some kind of exercises.
You can start with simple ones »

1 %

You can have the best meals plan in the world but if your body will not rest and recover properly meals plan won’t help you much and will lead to serious  illnesses.

I help people to lose that stubborn body fat and avoid heart attack, diabetes type II and certain cancers

My results weren’t perfect nor critical after my first blood test, but there were high levels of both cholesterols, uric acid, glucose, blood pressure, … By studying nutrition for the past few years I knew what I needed to change in my diet to improve those results. Then I’ve got the second test results with less high levels, but at the end of a day I still wasn’t satisfied with the results so I asked my doctor for advice what else I need to change or do to improve my health. And he advised to avoid certain food and include more of whole grain food in my diet. But the problem is, I’m eating the ‘right’ food for years and for some reason there were still high levels of cholesterol and glucose and he failed to provide new directions in my diet to improve my health.

50% of PEOPLE are PRE-DIABETES and
they don’t even know about it…

I felt totally lost, spent hours reading and studying million of scientific web pages to find the information how to get my health out of the labyrinth. After digging and digging I’ve finally got a tip in which direction to continue my studies. In February 2018 I could finally collected all the missing pieces of the puzzle. The strategy I’m using now works for the past few months, and the main (missing) piece is created after 200 people who are suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes type II condition were tested. The scientific research’s been done for real. It’s not about guessing whether it works or not according to books and tests on mice and rats, it’s based on real science and real test on real patients.

No bodybuilding page and no fitness expert provided  crucial details how to lose body fat

If our meals plan strategy was used and tested by people it means there are no dangerous chemicals, no magical supplements, no hidden tricks and lies. It’s about a meals plan strategy with real food for real healthy results.

THE QUEEN of all exercises


Keeping your body hydrated is essential.
Start your day with a glass of water.

THE KING of all exercises


Walking is essential body movement which can provide huge health benefits quickly without wasting any money.
It’s recommended to walk at least 20-30 min a day.

People are confused

Hey I’m just gonna ask for your knowledge I’ve been lifting for a while getting size but not much definition or fat loss , been given numerous diet plans from PTs in local gyms which haven’t helped at all , I thought I would ask in here for help…”

Do you:


Do you count calories?

Do you have less than a fist of raw and unsalted mixed nuts (almonds, cashew, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc.) a day?

Do you have fish meat less than four (1-3) times a week?

Do you have vegetables once a day?

Do you have at least one fruit a day?

Do you do more than 5 hours of cardio a week?

Is there any day in a week that you wake up feeling like being a bit broken with light pain or discomfort in the back (from the neck to buttocks)?

I honestly believe you should read the BWS strategy by clicking here »

You may be doing okay, but if you have a feeling that something is not working for you and there are some issues you could improve, you’re more than welcome to join us by clicking here »

BWS Strategy

MEALS PLAN with WORKOUTs THAT Work out for you

START Walking

on a regular basis at least for 20-30 min. You’ll improve your heart condition, spine/back, lower limb joints and health in general.

After few weeks, I recommend to start hiking uphill, when your body will start burning a lot of body fat. Just go with your pace, don’t force yourself to burn out.

Use Stationary Bike

If you prefer gym or the weather doesn’t allow you to walk outdoor, I prefer to use stationary bike or elliptical trainer over treadmill. Running on treadmill has some flaws with rotation of your hips and 30% of the body movement on treadmill is done by the machine instead of the body. Simply, there are only few natural movements involved when using treadmills.

WARM UP Properly

If you will exercise with weights then warm up properly to avoid injuries and pain.

If you’re following any of the guys on youtube or instagram and if those guys’ve had any injuries or surgeries in the past, do you really want to follow them and go through the same troubles? I honestly think you should reconsider and take safe advice.


with the food you like.

One of the BWS Meals.

  • It’s not just another meals plan.
  • The BWS strategy is not created by fit people who never had obesity problems and never experienced the fat loss challenges.
  • BSW meals plan strategy helps you control and lower blood pressure, uric acid, glucose, LDL cholesterol and others and increase HDL cholesterol (which is good by the way) and insulin efficiency.
  • The strategy allows you to have any food you like within the recommended foods which have been scientifically proven to provide health benefits with great results.
  • The BWS meals plan startegy is based on real food, not some magical supplements, powders, meal replacement and other blends.
  • If you’re struggling to lose fat, you have obesity problem for a reason. So do I and after resetting my eating habits, I’m losing body fat on a daily basis.
  • You can use the strategy also with you partner, family and children.
  • You will most likely get the same advice from the doctor when/if you will experience life threatening situation. You can prevent it now.

Join over 200 people

Who are following the strategy and enjoying healthier life.
They decreased glucose in the blood, bad LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, uric acid and increased good HDL cholesterol, insulin efficiency and improved overall metabolism by fixing leaky gut problems for the body to actually start using food for energy and not storing it as fat.

and GET 100% Natural bars sample of 6
for FREE:

The bars provide all needed high quality BIO/ECO nutrients for healthy body fat loss.
They are made from 20 well selected 
GMO free ingredients to provide and support healthy fat loss. They are not processed with high temperature to keep all the nutrients and no sugar, artificial agents nor sweeteners added. Pure natural.
And they taste awesome 🙂 and t
hey are part of the meals plan strategy.

Price: $199

Promo price: $99

After the payment is processed you will get redirected to
BWS – BodyWorkshop page with meals plan strategy.

You will receive:

1- Meals Strategy not a daily plan for a week or month with food you don’t like
2- Workout Strategy – How to build muscles quicker without injuries and pain which
will help you boost your immune system and burn more fat faster
3- Workout Workbook Extract – From one of the US leading medical institutes
in case you don’t like strength training with weights

You can eat any food you like within that group of recommended foods.

You don’t need programs and exact plans, you’re not a robot.
You’re a human and your body needs a bit different plan than mine, so you can’t follow my meals plan which will most likely not work for you, but you can incorporate the strategy in your meals plan to get healthy results you want.

After placing an order your money will be put on hold for 30 days.
After the 30-day period expires, the money will be transferred to our account.
If you will not be satisfied with the results, you can request a refund in full or partly.
In case of refund you will agree not to use, sell nor distribute any detail for at least 3 years.

You can get it for free of charge as well by referring BWS meals plan strategy to at least five (5) of your friends and/or followers by clicking here »

Good to know


How do you know you're dehydrated?

Your urine is yellow. Dark yellow means you’re very dehydrated, clear yellow means you’re well hydrated.

How do you know when you have too much fat in your meals plan?

Simply by monitoring your stool/poop. The stool should sink in the toilet, if it floats, it means it’s greasy.

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My SHORT story

Hello, my name is Dean and I have obesity problem and I’m pre-diabetes. Every spring I’ve got active with running, hiking and cycling. My body fat went down just the first year, each next year was a lot more difficult to get any result. So, I’m in a magic circle with yo-yo effects every year for the last 10 years. Few years ago I’ve decided to try weight training. It was great, I felt really good with some result in a few months, but the body hasn’t burnt much fat. Then I’ve started to cut carbs, got myself a cardio workouts and got injured soon so I’ve never finished it, I was low energy due to cutting carbs and my body fat just stayed the same for most of the time. I’ve checked many meal plans online, tried many scenarios without any results and even when my doctor failed to provide proper advice on how to improve my health I’ve decided to do my own research.

So here it is the meals plan strategy focusing on losing fat, improving blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and avoiding serious illnesses which are connected to healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and regular exercising.

Try it now and thank me later.
Yes, it works 🙂

If you have any question feel free to contact me any time at

Dean K.